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The Supply Chain Compliance Platform

IntegrityNext Supersedes Legacy Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

Elevating sustainability and compliance of suppliers and supply chains

A team of thought-leading supply chain professionals announced today that they have founded IntegrityNext, an open supply chain compliance platform designed to meet the challenges faced in international business and regulated industries. This combination of intelligence and visibility enables companies around the globe to monitor, document, and report on the regulatory compliance and sustainability of their suppliers – no matter where they are located. 

IntegrityNext brings together pre-built supplier compliance assessments and real time social media insights in a user-experience driven platform available on any desktop or mobile device. Their holistic compliance assessments extend multiple tiers into the supply chain and include global regulations and certifications, blacklist and sanction verifications. 

“Over the last few years, rising regulatory requirements and the growing power of social media are shaping public opinion about companies of all sizes,” said Martin Berr-Sorokin, CEO and Founder at IntegrityNext. “Executive teams have struggled to increase their visibility into and control over suppliers and supply chains. Under these conditions, procurement must be prepared to operate with complete transparency. Traditionally, this control and visibility was hard to achieve due to huge technical and expertise barriers, but this is no longer the case.”

Compliance and sustainability are critical concerns for buy and sell-side organizations working to build and protect a respected corporate brand. IntegrityNext advances these efforts by presenting evidence of good corporate citizenship in a format that makes it easy to promote. Companies can check their record of performance using IntegrityNext’s compliance self-assessment, available for free with a basic account. 

“It’s the digital age. Traditional approaches do not meet the demands of today’s supply chain complexity, information scalability, and automation,” said Simon Jaehnig, Head of Cloud Platform at IntegrityNext. “We built a solution that automatically scans millions of data points daily, looking for evidence of non-compliant, unsustainable behavior in supply chains. We have further standardized global reporting requirements in pre-built assessments and enhanced them with deep analytics capabilities. Our solution has the technological capabilities to simplify a complex problem. IntegrityNext is pre-built, easy to use, and affordable!” 

Consumer awareness of the social and environmental behavior of companies is rising. They expect all companies – whether B2B or B2C – to take responsibility for themselves and their supply chains. The size and scale of modern supply chains, combined with the complexity represented by global regulations, requires fast, useable technology. IntegrityNext is the compliance platform best suited to ensure the integrity of global supply chains and elevate corporate sustainability. 

About IntegrityNext

The IntegrityNext platform covers all major aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability requirements, allowing companies to instantly monitor thousands of suppliers and their entire supply chain 24/7 with minimal administration. IntegrityNext brings together pre-built supplier compliance assessments, blacklist and sanction checks, and real-time social media insights in a user-experience driven platform that covers international standards and extends multiple tiers into the supply chain. For more information, visit

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